A path between sport, walking and travel, hiking is one of the leisure activities that has won more fans in recent times by combining the direct contact with nature and practice of physical activity.

The Pardina located in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees offers the possibility of making some of the best hiking trails offered by nature and not only with the aim of carrying out a physical activity, but also to restore the landscape to the person and encounter him with the traditional way of life, returning to the path concept meeting place.

Hiking trails / Rides and picnic

·         Sabiñánigo – Punta Güé – Arguisal

14,48 kilometers

·         Sabiñánigo – Larrés – Borrés – Sabiñánigo

15,23 kilometers

·         Sabiñánigo – Sasal por senderos de Capitiellos

13,48 kilometers

·         Rio Gallego 5: Sabiñánigo – Lasieso

15,94 kilometers

·         Sabiñanigo – Pico Oturia

15,04 kilometers

·         Sierra de San Pedro

17,17 kilometers

·         PR-HU-1: Sabiñánigo – Hostal de Ipiés

9,92 kilometers